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Welcome AirSync

We are pleased to announce our partnership with AirSync. AirSync automatically delivers information from your aircraft to your smartphone.



Flight Markers Selection and Sort Order now fully configurable

Configurable selection and sort order of flight markers per aircraft category

As we are constantly developing new flight markers, the list has become so extensive that it can take a while to find the right marker. To keep the flight input streamlined, you can now configure the markers that are important to you and define the order.


Diamondo Earthrounding

An adventure for a green cause!

We are happy to announce our partnership with Diamondo Earthrounding. With their journey around the globe, they illustrate where further project funding is required to scale up carbon-reducing initiatives and make them more affordable for the wider air travel community. By supporting Diamondo Earthrounding, you help them in making sustainable air travel more affordable for everyone.


Pilatus PC21

The Annex 2 aircraft from Pilatus, The Next Generation Trainer PC 21 is now available to be endorsed in your personal licence data, including reminders and experience calculation.


Welcome Helialpin AG

Shout out to all pilots of the Helialpin AG: Welcome on board!

The company relies on comprehensive digitalisation and is gearing up for the future as a cooperation partner of

Logo Helialpin AG


Mountain Landings, HEC and HESLO Cycles as configurable grid columns

configurable grid columns for helicopter like mountain landings hec heslo hho

Configure the columns you need to directly have your totals displayed for each HEC, HESLO, HHO category. The same applies for the mountain rating categories: above 2000m, above 2700m as well as official sites. Naturally, all data remains structured, validated and dynamically calculated according to the applied filters and conditions such as aircraft models, time periods and many more.


Currency for Payments in Shop

You can now purchase all products in the official monetary currency of your country of residence.


SFCL.360 FI (S) Recency

As per now, the rolling recency for sailplane instructors FI (S) is fully supported. This includes the standard SPL recency according to SFCL.160 as well as the FI Refresher Training and the Demonstration flight. Of course, the required 30 hours flight time and the 60 takeoffs within 36 months are automatically evaluated, too.

condition tree showing recency for FI(S)


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