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We work closely with authorities, examiners and operators and have acquired relevant knowledge in the area of Flight Crew Licensing in different regulatory landscapes. Ask your question directly to our experts.

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Paper pilot logbooks have an average of 12% faulty lines. Exports from our competitors have an average of 38% faulty lines. Our data analysts can give you a quality score of your data.

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In this episode of the podcast "Push To Talk" of Juan Becerra Cabas the founders of tell the story of the company and explain the advantages over other tools.

Empower your pilots with our FCL.050 certified logbook solution

Our FCL.050 certified digital logbook solution provides flight schools, operators and airlines with a state-of-the-art digital tool that ensures full regulatory compliance.

Your pilots will benefit from an independent and professional tool that they can continue to use after their time with you.

It simplifies flight data management, reduces paperwork and results in more efficient routines, error-free and safer flight operations.