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With you not only get a digital flight logbook that is certified and approved according to EASA AMC FCL.050.

Our processes are structured in such a way that you can directly access the data and evaluations relevant to you at any point in your career.

Intuitive combinations of these 60+ features solve practical use cases simply and elegantly.

Calculate your emissions and win a Bose A30 Aviation Headset

Single engine piston SEP airplane back view
Precise calculation of fuel consumption and the resulting CO2 emissions
Climate protection contribution via SAF certificates and high-quality climate protection projects
Automatically enter the prize draw to win a Bose A30 headset


Single engine piston SEP airplane back view
SEP (Land) revalidation by recent experience
Experience by class and type ratings
Focus Student Pilot: PPL (A), CPL (A), ATPL (A), MPL (A)


Helicopter in air near ground level
Mountain Landings
Focus Student Pilot: PPL (H), CPL (H), ATPL (H)


Sailplane on the ground side view
Sailplane Pilot License Recency: SPL, FI, PAX
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