What is the partners program?

With our digital flight log as a starting point, we have made it our mission to improve the lives of pilots.

We attach great importance to the quality, security and integrity of the data. However, it is equally important to us to relieve our users of unnecessary bureaucratic work.

To achieve this goal, we are working with many different people and organisations in general and business aviation.

Searching for a list of our Auto-Imports?

We connect software such as reservation, navigation, OPS and planning systems to our digital pilot logbook. We are constantly expanding our network of integrations. Visit our page about Auto-Imports to find a list of already connected systems and contact details.

Empower your pilots with our FCL.050 certified logbook solution

Our FCL.050 certified digital logbook solution provides flight schools, operators and airlines with a state-of-the-art digital tool that ensures full regulatory compliance.

Your pilots will benefit from an independent and professional tool that they can continue to use after their time with you.

It simplifies flight data management, reduces paperwork and results in more efficient routines, error-free and safer flight operations.

Institutional Partners

Together with these partners we make the legal environment for flight recording clearer and easier for every pilot. We for example helped writing the latest AltMoc with the FOCA in Switzerland which will shape how flights will be recorded electronically.

Essential Partners

Flight schools, clubs, airlines and operators are crucial for pilots. They provide the infrastructure, aircraft, workplaces and thus make it possible to spend time in the air. We work closely with many of them and exchange know-how and knowledge in order to be able to carry out administrative work efficiently and automatically.

Official resellers

These pilot and aviation shops are convinced of the advantages, safety and comfort of products. They are recognized by as official resellers and offer the products in their assortment.

Strategic Partners

Swiss Aviation Pavilion at AERO Friedrichshafen

Short distances, strong partnerships: Training and technology "Made in Switzerland"

Technical Partners

There are many software companies offering a wide range of solutions for aviation. We integrate all kinds of systems into our network and synchronise flight data from them. Thus, we maintain connections with navigation software and reservation systems of flight schools, groups and clubs. We also offer the same possibilities for OPS and complex planning systems of airlines and operators.


You want to become a partner?

With our partner program, we want to drive improvements and anchor our core values in a broad network. All aviation companies, organizations, associations and groups that share our principles are invited: Reliability, Safety and Stability.

Together we will craft a reliable, safe and resilient digital landscape for pilots.

FAQs to our partner program

Are there benefits in becoming an official partner?

Yes, each type of partner has different associated benefits according to the level and dedication to the cause.

What are the requirements to become a partner with

We take our business seriously and expect the same dedication from our partners. Before we admit a new member to the partner program, we will undertake a close review to ensure that sufficient care is taken to meet all our quality assurance standards.

Who can become a partner?

As we are at home throughout civil aviation, we would like to give everyone the opportunity to become a partner. Whether you are a small club or a large airline, the main thing is that you share our enthusiasm for aviation.