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Mountain Landings

The MOU rating (H) confirms the privileges to land on alti-surfaces and mountains and takes you to some of the most beautiful landing sites. If you want your passengers to enjoy these fantastic views as well, make sure the PAX Recency is respected.

White helicopter against a white snow-covered mountain backdrop with clear blue sky in the background.
  • Record all the relevant MOU Ldgs categories: Total MOU, thereof >2000m, thereof >2700m.
  • Mountain Rating PAX Recency: 50 Ldgs in 12m or the recurrent MOU PAX check.
  • Furthermore: Landings at official sites, on glaciers as well as MOU takeoffs.
  • Flight markers to grid columns allow for highest precision data resolution.

Are you looking for a tool that allows you to enter complex helicopter mountain landings in a clean and easy way?

Focus Student Pilot: PPL (H), CPL (H), ATPL (H) accompanies you throughout your career and ensures that you can always rely on your personal, independent and high-quality record of your experience.

Workplace dreamed of by student helicopter pilots: top view of a helicopter at the airport
  • Solo, Cross-Country, Cycles, NIT.
  • Flight Simulation Training Device FSTD.
  • Dual, PICUS, SPIC pilot functions.
  • Indicates the flights for which a signature must be obtained.
  • Invite your instructors and examiners by e-mail to digitally sign your flights and FSTD sessions on their own devices.

Remain independent and in control with the highest officially established standards for digital recording of flight time.

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