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Complete data
Intelligent Flight Entry knows the details of airfields as well as aircraft certifications and supports you when recording new flights.
Mountain, Aerobatics, Towing, Sea, HESLO
Tracking of special operations as easy as it can be with flight markers.
Airplane, Helicopter, Sailplane, Balloon
Holding several license categories? With, you have all logbooks in one account.
After a flight with the instructor or after a check flight, you want to concentrate on the debriefing and not think about administrative details like signatures. Just send an invitation to sign your flights and sessions retrospectively by email.
Simulator Sessions
You can add your simulator sessions (FSTD) separately as easy as regular flights.
Auto-Import fetches data automatically from your flight school or airline operator. Is your organization not in our supported list yet? Let us know, we are constantly looking to expand our network.
Paper Logbook Import
We provide the service to digitalize your paper logbooks (from scans/photos) and would be happy to make you an offer. Here is a overview of the options for going digital.
Which Flights Need a Signature?
Get informed about the flights that need to be counter-signed to comply with official EASA Part-FCL regulations.
Import from Excel and CSV
We do import data from electronic sources free of charge into your account. Just sign up and send us the files in CSV or Excel.
Signature on Device
Let examiners and instructors sign your flights or FSTD sessions directly on the screen of your device.
Launch Method Recency
Monitor your recency for the different launch methods: Aerotow, Self, Car, Winch & Bungee.
Requirements for LAPL, PPL, CPL, ATPL or BPL / SPL.
Monitor the status of your flight experience with respect to the required times, landings flying solo or cross-country to apply for a pilot licence.
Mountain Landings Helicopter
Record your landings at official mountain sites, > 2000 m above sea level, > 2700 m above sea level and on glaciers.
Servers and Backup
All of your data is processed and stored in Swiss Data Centers and backed up regularly. None of your data is accessible by anyone (including authorities).
Am I Current?
Immediate overview of validity and recency requirements for each rating. Know at one glance whether you can go flying with passengers (PAX), at night or commercially.
Reduced Time & "Doppelsteuer"
Whether you have been sharing the controls on a sailplane flight or acted as a relief commander on an enlarged flight, record your flights precisely and as required.
Day and Night Times
Ever tried to figure out when the geometric center of the sun was 6° below the horizon? calculates day and night times automatically.
Complete & Structured
All relevant flight and sim data is supported. Compliant with EASA Part-FCL.050 Recording of Flight Time.
Languages is available in English, German, French and Italian.
Official Forms
Create official forms for license requests with pre-filled personal data, license information, needed totals, signatures and the correct logbook extracts.
Checks and Examinations
Skill tests or prof checks with an examiner, refresher or differences trainings with an instructor, line or operator proficiency checks, it's all supported.
Relief Pilot (FO or CMD)
Record your flights in Multi-Pilot operation as relief pilot according to the actual time you have spent at the controls.
Takeoffs, Airborne, Aircraft Counter
Configure what additional data items you would like to record.
PICUS, SPIC, Solo, Cross-Country
As a student pilot you have to record additional data in order to prove the appropriate training records and syllabi. With, your pilot logbook is correct, complete and maintained from the very beginning.
Instructor, Examiner, Language Assessor
Directly export the flights you supervised as examiner, language assessor or instructor. Instructor time is automatically logged as PIC time, if you sit on a pilot seat.
VFR, IFR, Yankee and Zulu
Instrument to visual to instrument and vice versa: IFR time is directly calculated from points in time of rule change.
Protected Signatures protects signed flights and ensures that no data will be changed afterwards.
Error-Free Logbook
Advanced multi-level validation algorithms form the backbone of and guarantee a reliable and trustworthy flight record.
Initial Values
Specify initial values for time & landing categories to transition smoothly to digital recording of flight time.
Configurable List of Flights
Specify the categories of flight data that are relevant for you. Search, filter, sort and manage your records quickly as needed.
Series of Flights (reduced Flight Time)
Summarize your series of flights as a single entry if you have been flying cycles, towing sailplanes or dropping paras.
"Old school" Logbooks
Display your flights exactly as in famous existing paper logbooks, including remark lines, page totals and carry-over.
Touring Motor Gliders TMG
Track your recency when flying TMG with an SPL extension or monitor the revalidation state when doing so with a TMG Class Rating.
Signatures and Stamps
Keep the signatures and stamps from your paper pilot logbook and upload them as images to the corresponding flights and sim sessions.
Export to PDF and CSV
Download prepared reports in different logbook formats including all relevant data for a period in time or as complete export.
Ratings and Licence Endorsements
Monitor your rating expiries such as class, type or instructor as well as medical, radio telephony or language and configure email reminders for all or just some of them.
Revalidation and Renewal
Keep an eye on the conditions that are needed for revalidation of class and type ratings. shows you which conditions apply as well as your progress on each of them.
Initial Skill Tests Requirements
Check the conditions and your current state of experience with respect to your next pilot career step.
Personalized statistics and structured reports allow you to quickly create reputable dossiers of your personal experience.
Pilot Experience
Configure the overview of your personal flight experience as a pilot for different periods in time.
Rating & Aircraft Overview
Monitor your progress on different aircraft models, class or type ratings in terms of times, landings, route sectors and more.
Hot-Air Balloon Groups
Hot-air groups are automatically assigned according to the volume of the balloon. Thus, totals on Gas and Group A to D are immediately available.
Visualize your experience in graphical representations such as pie, bar or line charts.
Request New Features
Take actively part in the network, request new features and assist other pilots with your ideas and expertise.
We are glad to help. Whether you are looking for information or need a helping hand discovering the powerful features of, get in touch with us!
Cancel Anytime
If you decide to not use after having purchased a subscription, you will get back your money for the unused period of time.
Payment & Free Trial
Peek into with a free 30 day trial and pick your plan later. Supported payment methods are PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and Twint.
Data Privacy
Your data is processed and stored at highest level of care under the regulations of the GDPR.
Sailplane Types
Glider types such as ASK 16, DUO DISCUS, JANUS CE, GLASFLÜGEL 304 B and many more are directly available and assigned automatically based on the registrations that are managed by other pilots within the community.
Keep track of your currency, recency, validity requirements and more in your digital cockpit.
Access Anywhere
You can access your pilot logbook any time and from any device with a browser.
Licence & Medical
Manage your licence endorsements, medicals and ratings in a one-to-one graphical representation of your pilot's licence.
Changelog & Audits
According to the requirements of EASA member states supports mechanisms to prevent fraud and ensure reliable digital pilot logbooks.
iOS and Android Apps
Mobile apps are in development and will soon be available with full offline support.
Local Time & UTC
Record your flights in UTC or local time, just as you wish.
Aircraft Sharing - Community Managed
All pilots share the same aircraft and airport database and support each other by contributing to it.
Fancy icons
Visualisations and our own icons support you in efficient operation.
IFR Approaches
The number of approaches performed under instrument flight rules sometimes differs from the number of landings, especially on Y/Z flights or in trainings.
Instruction Time
Student pilots like to record the Instruction Time before and after a flight so that they can later check the values given on the invoices.
Calculate emissions
Several flights can be selected and the emissions calculated with just a few clicks. With Sustainable Aviation Fuels or climate protection projects, you can make an effective contribution to climate protection.
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