What is an Auto-Import and how can I benefit from it?

Auto-Import allows you to connect your account to other systems to automatically synchronise data. This means you no longer have to enter the same data multiple times after each flight.

We support a wide variety of tools in both general and business aviation sectors. Flight schools, clubs and groups with reservation systems as well as professional airline and operators software platforms.

List of the currently supported Auto-Imports

Am I allowed to keep my record in digital format only?

Yes, if you go for the right one.

As a pilot with a licence issued by a EASA member state, you have to comply with AMC Part-FCL No 1178/2011 (Air Crew).

There are official standards which have been assessed by EASA and build upon Issue 1, Amendment 9 of AMC and GM to Part-FCL from March 18th, 2020. These standards define requirements for digital pilot logbooks to be acceptable by the competent authority such as data integrity, protection and location.

As of today (7/1/2024), there is only one software platform that meets these standards:

Is there a mobile App?


The mobile apps provide offline support for both data entry and data presentation. It keeps a full copy of your flight and FSTD data locally.

Download the mobile app now

Can I import flights from an Excel, CSV or TXT file?


The system of does not allow for errors in the data. Therefore, all shortcomings have to be fixed prior to the import.

You can use the provided templates and directly upload CSV, TXT or Excel files with your flight data. The importer will guide you through all steps and help you resolve errors.

In more complex cases, send your flight data to our specialists via contact page, they will help you import your data.

Can I import my paper logbook?

Yes. We offer digitalization of paper logbooks at a charge. Please contact us for more details.

For an overview of the different options, see this page.

Do you offer business solutions and/or a partner program?


The partner program is designed for any technical and institutional organizations as well as for airlines, operators, flight schools and clubs.

Visit our official partner program and take advantage of its benefits.

We do also offer business solutions, processes optimization and consulting regarding EASA AMC Part-FCL compliance. Do not hesitate to ask our sales team.

My employer (airline / operator) keeps my pilot logbook, is this fine?

Yes, it is allowed.

However, we strongly recommend to keep an own flight and FSTD record with your personal experience.

The very fact that careers in the cockpit are no longer as straightforward as they used to be has shown that a tidy and correctly kept flight log makes a powerful impression on job applications.

Audits by aviation authorities have revealed deficiencies in many companies. The IT systems often do not even fulfill the minimum requirements according to FCL.050.

Can I contact you if I have any questions about the pilot logbook or the legal situation?

Yes, definitely.

We place great value on good service and support and are known for providing fast and uncomplicated help.

Follow us on our social media channels to stay informed and do not hesitate to contact our team. We look forward to hearing from you!

Can I record airplane, helicopter, sailplane and balloon time?

Yes. Every account contains a digital pilot logbook for each aircraft category.

How is my data processed and stored?

Your data is processed and stored with the highest level of care in Data Centers in Switzerland and backed up regularly under the regulations of the GDPR. Your data is not sent to or accessible by anyone (including authorities) except with your permission or if required by law. For more information, see our Data Protection Declaration.

How do I switch from paper to the digital logbook?

It is recommended to digitalize as much of your flight experience as possible.

Alternatively, you can make use of initial values or record your data on your own.

Check out this page for an overview of the options.

May I record multiple legs as one entry?


We strongly build upon the EASA regulations, which allow such batch records in exactly specified cases. Get to know the flight marker "Series of Flights".

AMC1 FCL.050 (f): "[...] provided that if an aircraft carries out a number of flights upon the same day returning on each occasion to the same place of departure and the interval between successive flights does not exceed 30 minutes, such series of flights may be recorded as a single entry."

I am responsible at a national aviation authority and we have a huge chaos with all the PDF forms, can you help?


We offer consulting services within the scope of official and governmental mandates for digitalization of processes in the subject area Flight Crew Licencing.

Do not hesitate to contact our consulting and sales team.

Can an instructor sign my flight and simulator records?

Yes. Flights and FSTD sessions can be signed by instructors or examiners directly on tablets or smartphones. Just select the records and either collect the signature directly on your device or invite the signatory by email to sign the records later on their own device.

What is the difference between the FOCA dLogbook and Premium?

The FOCA dLogbook covers the minimum requirements for electronic recording of flights. With Premium you get all FOCA dLogbook features, as well as additional 60+ premium features for a true paperless experience. You find more information about their differences here.

What is the price of the FOCA dLogbook and why are there higher prices on the website of

The FOCA dLogbook and all its features are included in the price of Premium. If you want to only use the FOCA dLogbook, you can choose between 3 months (CHF 5.-) and 12 months (CHF 15.-). Premium includes all features of the FOCA dLogbook and offers additional features like currency/recency overview, auto-import from OPS and reservation tools, licence view and rating monitoring, statistics, charts and many more.

To find out whether these additional features are of use to you, activate your free 30 day trial and get to know Premium. The pricing can be found here.

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